Get Ready To Feel Sick When You Watch This Guy Eating His Wife's Placenta

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

I've joked around with my family about eating some pretty disgusting things before, but I hardly ever went through with it.

Okay, there was that one time when my brother paid me to eat a live cricket, which I did end up doing. Trust me, though -- that isn't anywhere near as nasty as what this guy ate along with his regular breakfast.

While his wife was pregnant, this man jokingly told his friends that he was going to eat her placenta after she gave birth. Nobody was actually expecting him to do it, but that didn't stop him from chowing down on cooked and raw portions of her afterbirth like it was a delicious treat.

This is making me seriously nauseous.

Is anyone craving a nice, juicy piece of meat after watching that? I didn't think so.


But in all seriousness, this isn't a new thing.

In fact, a quick search on Pinterest -- the home of tasty recipes and beautiful wedding decor ideas -- turns up a slew of ways to enjoy cooked placenta.

Would you eat it?


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