Man Finds A Skunk With A Coke Can Stuck On Its Head And Bravely Helps Out

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016  —  By Binny Gudjonsson

Most of the time, encountering a skunk out in the wild quickly turns into a sticky (and stinky) situation. But one kind-hearted man risked the foul odor by rescuing a skunk that had somehow gotten its head stuck in a Coke can.

"Skunk, please don't spray me," the man politely requested as the cute critter ran around in circles trying to free itself near Orillia, Canada. "I'm not gonna hurt you. I'll take that off your head."

The cautious animal kept running away, but the brave man persisted and eventually managed to wiggle the can off the skunk's head. Luckily, the little stinker didn't spray its rescuer. Instead, it raced across the road and into a nearby forested area.

What? Not even a thank you?!

In the YouTube comments, the man said that he believed it was can of fat drippings from someone's kitchen. Guess the little guy was hungry!


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